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More of THE TANGENT (always a good thing)

April 29, 2015

Lest I lose all credibility with my “out-of-the-banks” rave review of A SPARK IN THE AETHER (see prior post) I should say–I haven’t heard all that much of THE TANGENT.  The only other album I’ve heard from start to finish is COMM (also brilliant).  So admittedly I’m a bit new to Andy Tillison and his genius band (thanks primarily to Progarchy and Dr. B) and had not a large corpus to compare it to.  I have a feeling I’m in for a real treat in the weeks ahead as my 2015 CD buying progresses.

In the meantime I was delighted to find a 3 hour podcast featuring THE TANGENT over at Wilf’s (David Elliott) cool podcast, The European Perspective (episode #200 from 4-4-15), hosted by THE DIVIDING LINE.

What a smorgasbord of supernal sounds!  Check it out.

Mellotron set to 11


Alternatives When the Album Ain’t There

March 12, 2015

And so, what do we all do when we’re not listening to a prog album on CD? I am a physical media “old guy” so if it’s not a CD or vinyl than I’m thinking on-line prog (podcast or YouTube).

Well I don’t know what “we” do but I have my favorites which I’d like to share with you.

My first preference is the aforementioned YouTube if I can listen to a complete album that way; even searching it out track by track. I also have come to really appreciate Bandcamp and Progstreaming for complete album appreciation. The “goodwill” that a band engenders from letting their music be heard in its entirety greatly motivates me to purchase the disc if I am at all interested. A “B” album on Bandcamp will be purchased by me more quickly than a disc tightly guarded and kept “under wraps” that may be of “A” or “A+” quality. It’s much like back in the day (circa 1979-1980) when Paul’s Records & Tapes in Topeka, Kansas, would let a shopper sit down and listen to a whole album on turntable and headphones. Good karma loosens the billfold.   Terrestrial radio? Forget about it. I’ve heard More Than a Feeling and (Don’t Fear) the Reaper (both of which I still like) more than enough times now.

I’m also not a big Pandora guy because since I refuse upgrades ($) I’ve got to be more responsive with my interacting than I can be at times. Not enough “thumbs up/down” and your station freezes.

So enough prattle… I recommend the following internet prog programs:

THE ANCIENT ONE: A weekly podcast by “The Ancient One,” (Jim Lawson, Isle of Skye) found at   Jim’s show plays a nice mix of classic prog as well as 2nd wave and modern stuff. He is an affable and likeable host.

LIVE FROM PROGZILLA TOWERS: Also a weekly podcast by Cliff Pearson. Cliff’s whole new internet radio network, PROGZILLA, looks to be the new nirvana for online listening. Check it out at

THE DIVIDING LINE BROADCAST NETWORK: This long standing internet provider has been around since 2000 when Shawn Bishop started it up as primarily a Genesis listening vehicle. I have listened off & on since around 2004 and have seen many great prog programs and DJs come and go. The station has shrunk drastically and is but a shell of its former self. Still, several shows are high quality and deserve a check. I like Experiments in Mass Appeal with host A.J. “Gonzo” Giordano, The European Perspective with host David Elliot, and a long-time favorite, Underdog Prog with host Mary “Girl” Campbell (one of the sultriest voices online).

One can also find lots of prog on Live365 but many of the stations are now V.I.P. only, which requires a monthly fee. My favorite free station is DJ Steve’s:  Koolkat’s Odd Sky

These are all pretty nifty alternatives when you don’t have the CD at hand but are still Jonesin’ for some top notch prog.

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