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High-hat Hagiography

April 15, 2015


TOP TEN Reasons Mike Portnoy Is Not The Best Drummer Ever


  1. I’m old…I still remember Bonzo’s awesome Moby Dick!!  He was a beast.


  1. Sense of humor, could work well with those “others,” and did keep the beat: RINGO!!!


  1. Phenomenal rhythm genius AND strong-willed enough to drive even Miles a bit nuts—which counts for something. Not only should every prog head own Bitches Brew but also this drummers own, Lifetime: The Collection.  Tony Williams!


  1. Okay, okay, Portnoy is the better stick-man, (heck he could play better with amputated feet stubs) but he couldn’t match the smoky alto range: Karen Carpenter (just listen to Solitaire)


  1. Sure we all love Carl Palmer, Alan White, Nick D’Virgilio, Terry Bozzio, & Phil, but c’mon, we bow before Crimson’s original King: Bill Bruford.


  1. Gene Krupa…just because he was cool.  That, and Drum Boogie!


  1. Because everyone has a sentimental favorite: Max Roach, Keith Moon, Ginger Baker, Billy Cobham, Bill Ward, and, for me: GRAEME EDGE!


  1. Animal!


  1. Buddy Rich. Because not only was he as good (probably better) than all the others. He used to do “it” in wearing a tight suit and necktie 🙂

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And The Number One Reason Mike Portnoy is NOT the Best Drummer Ever:


  1. NEIL PEART (nuff said!)


p.s. Portnoy is awesome by the way and on my best/fave list


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