A Non-Prog (?) War Story Anecdote

I had a fantastic time a couple of nights ago as my son and I attended a free concert in our downtown. The city had a free concert and blocked off a whole block for about 1,000 plus fans…of GEORGE CLINTON and his current incarnation of PARLIAMENT/FUNKADELIC. It was fun…but I’m still partially deaf—my own fault.


I’ve been to concerts before where the music was loud and way too loud. When I saw RUSH a couple years back the concert was incredible but the music was too loud for my ancient (y)ears (yeah, I know “You kids get off my yard!”). Back in the day when I saw HEART, the Wilson gals also put on a killer concert but the sound was distortingly loud for the smallish venue. I felt like the guy at the DEEP PURPLE concert, the one where they were declared the “loudest band in Rock,” who was head banging next to the stack of Marshalls.

Clinton’s P-Funk gave a no-holds barred 90 minute set in 90 degree heat and humidity and I was “raisin’ the roof” with all the twenty somethings, but after the show ended I had a ringing in my whole head and a omnipresent wet cotton in my ears sensation that is now only somewhat lifting 40 hours later. That’s what I get for wanting to stand up front and see the action. I have not been able, or wanting, to listen to any music. I’m hoping this will pass and I can get back to the “PROG.”

And speaking of PROG…Clinton in his own way was progressive. He took the fiery funk of James Brown, fused it with even more attitude and a host of other ingredients and fused rock, jazz, soul, and blues, wrapping it in a cosmic veneer of satire, science fiction, and social commentary to create a new sub-genre. Plus, he gave us the “Mothership” baby.  Though the actual prop wasn’t there the gathered “Star Children” were still “tearing the roof of the sucker.”


No, not Prog, but progressive, iconic, and lasting entertainment.

Mellotron set to 11


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2 Responses to “A Non-Prog (?) War Story Anecdote”

  1. Raymond Reece Says:

    Ellen is very jealous. Patrick wants to know if you smoked some rock with George. They both like George a lot and have several of his records.

  2. Jay Watson Says:

    what? I say W H A T ??? speak up man. 🙂 There was strange skunk-like odor wafting ‘ore the crowd now that you mention it… I was just trying to stay hydrated. Wish you all could have been here.

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