TOP TEN Worst PROG Band Names: Almost Chosen

10.  We’re all grateful that Sid kept Roger Waters from going with his original idea: “Fats Bix.”

 9.  With the arrival of Justin Hayward & John Lodge the band kept their original moniker and jettisoned Pinder’s attempt to rebrand them as: “Pre-Menstrual Disco.”

8.  You’ll never know just how close Neal Morse came to selecting: “Scotty’s Kilt.”

7.  Probably staying in Chattanooga helped Schendel & Babb in dropping the original prototype: “Plastic Socket-Wrench.”

6.  Though an articulate history buff, Ian Anderson’s first suggestion was inexplicably: “Homer Llut.”

5.  The real reason Peter Gabriel left the band was that he never got over their unanimous rejection of his own first choice: “Esther.”

4.  Already with a reputation for being disputatious, Robert Fripp almost derailed everything with his tantrum to force the name: “Deuce Puce.”

3.  Peter Banks was immediately sacked by Squire after he stepped on Jon in a mad pique over his high-pitched laughter at the name he thought was decisively perfect: “I Dunno, Perhaps,…Sorta.”

2.  Being grounded and down-to-earth workaday blokes, kept this modest threesome from following their manager’s lead to name the band: “Gregory, Karl, & Keith: The Titanium Trio Treasure.”

– – – DRUM ROLL PLEASE – – –

And the NUMER ONE Worst PROG Band Name: Almost Chosen

1.  In a dream, Geddy Lee was told to name the band: “Sean Hannity.”  He only relented after Alex beat him back to sanity with a Stratocaster case!




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