Like Winning The Prog Lottery :)

FIRST: An announcement!

Then: A smallish preview.

June 1st has arrived but my copy of BIG BIG TRAIN’s new EP Wassail has not yet winged its way (or, taken a train) to Castle        (n)EVERLAND.  That review will have to wait.

BUT, I’m happier than any time in my music appreciating life (‘cept when I got to see RUSH live) to announce that my hero Dr. Brad Birzer has added me to the reviewer list at the preeminent and best PROG web-site this side of the Sirens of Titan: PROGARCHY: POINTING TOWARD PROGHALLA – –  As Wayne and Garth would say (they did sing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, so that’s kinda prog-cred) I am not worthy.  I hope to post soon at PROGARCHY and also hope to fool them long enough that I’m not immediately defenstrated.  If you’re not reading, checking, following, and buying all the recommended albums that PROGARCHY showcases, than get with it.  🙂   It doesn’t get any better than Brad Birzer and company.

Secondly, I will continue to try and post some old, retro-reviews on this personal blog of mine.  I’m going to be starting a feature I call “FLASHBACK-PROG” and will work my way through old classics that are prog or borderline prog.

Thanks Dr. B, you’re a class act and I’ll try not to let you down.


Mellotron set to 11


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