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Speaking of YES (or, Justin Hayward and Greg Lake in ‘sexy’ Pirate Shirts)

April 6, 2015

Yes I know that the internet has been flooded with countless parodies based on the 2004 Foreign film DOWNFALL which features the incredible performance of actor Bruno Ganz as Hitler in the final days of WW II’s Battle for Berlin.  Some of the funnier ones have dealt with Star Trek, the New England Patriots, and Batman.  But this one wherein the Prog Titan band YES is being ranted about is my favorite.  And just for the sake of trolling internet PC Gestapo (ba, da, dump!) I think the Nazis and Hitler were evil.

Mellotron set to 11


Happy Easter

April 5, 2015

Though not a “religious” song, per se, its stunning beauty nonetheless evokes the joy of The Resurrection. When Rothery plays those sweet runs I smell the victory of Pascha Lilies.  To be sure I’d rather hear “h” do all the singing by himself…but the crowd–the love and warmth that exists between them and the band can be felt.  Happy Easter!


The Beauty of Love; The Goodness of The Good One

April 3, 2015

Though EVERY day is a good day to listen to GLASS HAMMER, today, Christians, who also love beautiful and meaningful Prog, can draw from the well of GLASS HAMMER’s past catalog and listen meditatively to ‘Centurion.’

Good music indeed for GOOD FRIDAY (Soli Deo Gloria)

Mellotron set to 11

Top 10 Reasons to listen to PROG

April 2, 2015



  1. When I want mean and surly Eminem just doesn’t “cut it.”

Give me Bob Fripp!


  1. Not enough Roger Dean art on Katy Perry’s new album.


  1. Disco sucks; you’re still waiting for a sequel to TALES FROM

TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS, and…”Get Off My Lawn!!!”


  1. As Duke Ellington said: “It don’t mean a thog if ain’t got

          that prog!”


  1.  Two Words: “Terrestrial Radio”


  1. Two (more) Words: “Classic FM”


  1. Well, I am totally pretentious!


  1. My Doctor says I need more ‘noodling’ and ‘wibbly-wobbly’ in

my diet.


  1. Scratch Turn-Table, Beatboxing, and Auto Tune? No thanks.

I’ll stick with Hammond B3s, Mellotrons, and Fender Strats.


Drum Roll Please




  1. Yes, the angels love to sing Bach, and when they are all alone

by themselves, they delight in singing Mozart.  But God, well,

the Lord listens to Big Big Train and Glass Hammer 🙂

They Finally Say Yes to YES!!! English Band to be Inducted into the Hall of Fame

April 2, 2015


Huge musical news for lovers of 70s music and classic prog-heads. In a leaked memorandum it was revealed by both VARIETY and INSIDE EDITION that the famed British band YES has been selected as an inductee into the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME for 2015.   Jann Wenner is quoted: “after the early decades of sold-out concerts, large album sales, and even  a top-ten commercial hit, this band’s longevity and committment to musical integrity and experimentation simply need to be both recognized and awarded.”

The band’s own web-site has crashed due to unprecedented traffic.

More to come.


Mellotron set to 11


Searching For Lost Chords


Christian Humanism in a Post-Modern World


Rockin' Republic of Prog