No S.A.D. Here: Warmed By The DRIFTING SUN


DRIFTING SUN/ Trip The Life Fantastic

released 20 January 2015 Peter Falconer – Vocals Dan Storey – Guitars/Bass Andrew Howard – Guitars Pat Sanders – Keyboards Will Jones – Drums Music: Pat Sanders Lyrics: Peter Falconer

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One expects Big Big Train, The Tangent, and Glass Hammer to be good and to always deliver top-notch music when they record. One expects the moon in the sky at night. But when the rare comet is seen it is a cause for the hairs on the back of the neck to stand and the smile to appear. Out of seemingly nowhere (though the genesis of this internet studio collaborative goes back to 1994) DRIFTING SUN has appeared with a simply KILLER album of beauty and emotion.

I’ve got a couple of pages of hand-written notes so that I can regale you with a track by track analysis…but naah…just

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At around 53 minutes the disc never drags. The crystal clear recording, mixing, and singing are top notch. The way the production brings out the sound makes it a perfect blend of soft melodies and virtuoso playing.

The alternating of the longer songs with shorter instrumental pieces, though a bit of a trope, works well. I actually have zero complaints or any constructive criticisms of this little gem, save, the truly ugly cover art of the album.  A hard to read and ugly band logo coupled with a sketched picture of the band (which looks like it was drawn by someone’s 6th grade kid sister) COULD be improved on. But a diamond in a burlap sack is still a diamond!

Buy this album!

Tasteful Hammond, swirling synths, and some technically adept and beautifully romantic piano runs mark project founder Pat Sanders as a true compositional genius and wizard of the keys! A shout out also is due to some blistering leads by guitarist Andrew Howard and gorgeous vocals by Peter Falconer. Falconer’s ability to reach the higher registers without going falsetto is impressive.

This album has everything from Spanish-tinged (Andalusian nights) acoustic guitar to synth and drum melds that image Larry Fast meets Morricone.  The frist 45 seconds of Tormented even gets the fists pumping with a Judas Priest cum Kamelot drive!

The whole is greater than the sum of its wonderful parts. The listener will at times hearken back to Uriah Heep, Wishbone Ash, and even IN ROCK Deep Purple in the classic rock/pop-prog sounds. But with plenty of swirling keys arranged in blended harmonies with the rhythm section the European power metal vibes are balanced with the slower and softer melodies to produce a cinematic and reflective hour of gorgeous classical pop-prog.

This band should be a household staple.  I look for this album to appear on my BEST OF 2015 list!


so, yeah, Buy this album!


Mellotron set to 11

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2 Responses to “No S.A.D. Here: Warmed By The DRIFTING SUN”

  1. progrock fran Says:

    What were your favourite tracks?

  2. Jay Watson Says:

    This album was such a delight I feel like a parent–unable to select any one child over the other 🙂 But, probably the title track was my favorite song. Thanks for dropping by Progrock Fran 🙂

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