Foundations: Current Great Does Not Negate Past Good

Many times a famous band has an original vocalist who remains beloved, famous, and well remembered even after only a brief partnership and many years of passing. Deep Purple, for me and many, will always conjure up the singing of Ian Gillian (Smoke on the Water, Highway Star, Woman from Tokyo) and to a lesser extent David Coverdale (Burn, Soldier of Fortune). But who can forget the original vocalist Rod Evans? Evan had a great “set of pipes” and His Kentucky Woman cover along with the iconic Hush remain enshrined in Rock’s Hall of Fame by alumni of the late 60s and early 70s.

And for all fellow prog-heads one only need say GENESIS or MARILLION to kick-start heated arguments and scathing “put downs” Vis-a-vis vocalists. I love Phil Collins but in my estimation Peter Gabriel, whose voice is simply better, will always be the voice of the band. Conversely, though original singer Fish is viewed by many as “the” voice of MARILLION, I have come to appreciate and love the style, emotions, and sound of “H” even more!

This long way around the barn brings me to a very brief observation.

The voice and performance of vocalist Martin Read on BIG BIG TRAIN’S, English Boy Wonders is simply wonderful! I will no doubt be reviewing this somewhat neglected masterpiece at a later date. To be sure, I think Read’s successor Sean Filkins was an even better fit in the band and had a more appealing voice, Read was sooo good! And current vocalist of BBTDavid Longdon, though HE has probably the best voice in prog today (he sings like a Seraph), Read was sooo good!

Part of the prog ethos which separates it from the ephemera of pop music is that it cares deeply about its musical heritage, patronage, and origins. So concluding this long-winded “shout-out,” I can only heartily recommend English Boy Wonders for all of the current reasons any “thinking man” should love BIG BIG TRAIN; but ALSO for the soothing, feeling, heartfelt, and bravura vocals of Martin Read—you sir are not forgotten!

Mellotron set to 11


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