THE MIGHTY BARD: Blue God And Other Stories


   What a delightful find! Sometimes the serendipitous and highly subjective art appreciation of the consumer leads to buried treasure. I would not have listened to this album but for the cool “cartoon/comic-book” style spaceman artwork on the album jacket. The cover art, along with the fact that the band was generous enough to allow the whole disc to be listened to for free on Bandcamp, well, got me to listen to it.

I’m buying this album and I’m giving it a big “thumbs up” to anyone who enjoys softer melodic keyboard driven compositions. Most of the tunes hearken back to 1st generation prog styles and themes—AND THAT’S A GOOD THING! “Nihil sub sole novum.” THE MIGHTY BARD is a tight functioning group of excellent musicians that fire up pleasurable listening memories of Al Stewart, Styx, and Starcastle (maybe even some early Ambrosia). But amongst contemporary prog geniuses I would have to say that if one enjoys Kino, Frost*, It Bites (i.e. John Mitchell) as well as Cosmograf (Robin Armstrong) I guarantee a very enjoyable encounter with THE MIGHTY BARD.

The nine tracks are essentially 7 longish compositions bookended by tracks Before and After, a pair of sound-effect laden synth heavy ambient vibrations and some back-masking/tracking on the outro (track 9). But the main core of this album is a rich stew of early 80-ish synth keyboards (Neil Cockle) and emotive electric guitar (Dave Clarke). We’re not talking Wakeman and Latimer here, but still the C&C synthesis along with some tasty Bass by Mark Cadman (especially his funky run on Bird) deliver harmonious blends and some breathtaking beauty.

From the folk-prog of Maybe (track 3) to my two favorites Bird (track 5) and Blue God (track 2) the listener is surrounded by Floydian instrumental runs and Barclay James Harvest pastoral vibes.

Had I heard this album last calendar year it would have made my 2014 “Honorable Mention” list—I like it that much. Listen to it on Bandcamp: or at Progstreaming:


I can’t wait for their next offering. These 6 blokes are Bards indeed; and they’re mighty!

Mellotron On!


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2 Responses to “THE MIGHTY BARD: Blue God And Other Stories”

  1. Dave Clarke Says:

    Hi Jay, thanks for the lovely review, and kind words – always great to hear someone is enjoying our music ! – Dave from TMB

  2. Jay Watson Says:

    I am honored by your kind comment Dave. I have already “turned on” several other people to your great band, and to have you see this blog and respond is such a thrill. Thank you sir!
    – Jay

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