Blogito ergo sum? or, I just get excited about music!


I blog here because blogging any place besides the internet seems counterproductive? Seriously, the question is really why do I have a cyber presence talking about music and posting reviews of record albums.

Am I a malignant narcissist? Do I live in my mother’s basement and watch Big Bang Theory surrounded by my action-figure hero collection? I answer “no” to all those queries, but do admit I have ZERO musical skills or aptitude. I love music but cannot make music. Those who cannot compose play the compositions of others. Those who can do neither turn on their old Pioneer receivers.

The operative word in this posting’s title is “I” and thus my comments have no applicability outside my own self-perceived reasons which are 100% subjective.

I started this blog for one reason only: to share my musical appreciation with my best friend from high school (from all periods) whom I’ve known for close to 43 years. But why a blog, isn’t that presumptuous? Reliops hates e-mail and I hate the telephone. He’s in California and I’m in the great inland sea of topographic ugliness known as Kansas. I post, he reads, and it works!

If others read my posts I’m more than delighted! Why?

Music is communal and fellowship formative. Dr. Gene Veith (among others) writes about the three types of culture: pop, folk, and classical. The ephemera of the first waxes and wanes (within weeks or days), but the latter two categories work their way into the collective consciousness of anyone who is truly human, i.e. appreciative of music! I love all types of “good” music (cf. Duke Ellington’s definition) but find in progressive rock a more challenging, insightful, engaging, and transformative aural experience. To paraphrase Dr. Thomas Woods, “listening to prog makes me a better person.” Why would I not want to share that experience with anyone who might listen or read, especially since typing and clicking a mouse can be quick and not at all painful.

My initial music appreciation years were the early ‘70s. In fact, my one real complaint with the Fox television series That ‘70s Show was that they didn’t have the characters surrounded 24/7 (at least in the background) with AM radio and turntables. I was there, if one had a car, a portable radio, or a buddy’s basement with his component system, the tunes were playing!

“Wow!” moments are things one gladly wishes to share with ones friends. So whether it’s a movie, novel, television show/series, new restaurant, or MUSIC ALBUM, one desires to share this joy with ones mates (mates; putting a British patina on this since 1st generation prog is Anglocentric).

Do my recommendations produce converts or newly-minted fans of said album or band? No, hardly ever do I convince those who know me to follow my entertainment leads. Reliops, my wife, my family, my friends, hardly ever like the music I like with the intensity that I do. “Why do you climb mountains, Sir Edmund?”

My real vocation is centered on communication, telling people things. It’s the joy and faithfulness in getting the word out and not in the result, or seemingly lack of result that matters; so too in the world of music encounters. Is music an essential part of the good life or merely a momentary diversion? If one answers with the former, that songs are part and parcel of what makes us truly human and truly creative beings, than one will from time to time care what others think and have discovered. No man is an island.

So old chum, Reliops, you really SHOULD check out RED JASPER or FROST* or LONELY ROBOT, or NEAL MORSE’s new disc…I think you’ll like them and be enriched on many levels, including, yes, a spiritual one. And to anyone else stumbling upon this amateur blog, “well met friend!”

Mellotron On!


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