A Beautiful Song; Tell Your Own Uncle You Love Him!

What a perfect little gem of a tune to put a smile on your face (especially if you’re in a wintry and frigid part of America or the UK).

‘Uncle Jack’ (written in honor of lead vocalist David Longdon’s uncle) is the second track on BBT’s 2012 album ENGLISH ELECTRIC PART ONE. It appears as the third track of disc one on their Double album (with extra tracks) of 2013 FULL POWER.

This is a song totally immune from the criticisms sometimes leveled at bands like Mumford & Sons as being only tepid ersatz folk rock or roots-rock. No! This song is so genuine and earthy that you can taste the ‘bangers & mash’ and smell the stout (or coffee).

That first 20 seconds, once the banjo (Dave Gregory) takes off, has one grinning, bopping the head, and tapping the foot. Then when the vocal harmonies join in with the lead of David Longdon you’re in heaven–which is fitting since Longdon truly has a voice of an angel.

This song has one thinking of the perfect meld of Jethro Tull and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, only far better than both!

What a salutary love poem to localism, rootedness, and earth; GKC would be smiling…heck, Wendell Berry too.

Mellotron On!


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