One thing this blog is NOT, is a news source for progressive music, bands, upcoming releases, and conert tours.  There are some pretty decent internet sources for that kind of material–this isn’t one of them.

The one absolutely indispensable cyber-source that you must follow is PROGARCHY: POINTING TOWARD PROGHALLA.  This serious, literate, and multi-authored blog is found at:   While all of the reviewers are top-notch, anything written by blog co-founder Dr. Brad Birzer is worth reading, learning, and inwardly digesting.

Thanks to many excellent essays and reviews, as well as the various “best of 2014” lists that PROGARCHY provided last year, I was introduced to Robin Armstrong (Cosmograf), John Bassett, Salander, Fractal Mirror, Cailyn, Abel Ganz, and Dave Kerzner, to name just a few.  There’s not a week that goes by that my daily dose (sometime there is no daily blog post–and I’m sad 😦  ) of PROGARCHY does not make me a “better person” (to paraphrase Dr. Tom Woods speaking to a slightly different topic of prog’s overall therapeutic/spirit/soul value).  THE EVERLAND OF PROG is just one non-musical fan mucking about to share some thoughts and favorites with a few friends…PROGARCHY: POINTING TO PROGHALLA is your mother’s milk.  Bookmark/‘favorite it’ and surf over there RIGHT NOW!!!


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