A (rare) Merchant “Shout-Out”

I don’t usually do commercial “shout-outs” but I’m making an exception. In a perfect prog-world BORDERS would still be here, and both BARNES & NOBLES along with my own local HASTINGS would have a wide-ranging selection at internet prices. We don’t live in that EVERLAND do we?

I try to funnel as much of my money (ah, limited funds) to CD Baby as I can.  Unfortunately most of my CD purchases come from amazon.com due to their low prices and huge selection. I say “unfortunately” not because I have a vendetta against amazon.com but rather due to a strange quirky “localism” and love for the “little guy”  that I’ve always had.  Too much Chesterbelloc in my soul I guess.

DIGRESSION: READ “The Napoleon of Notting Hill” by GKC, and your world will never be seen the same way again.

The good souls at Progarchy brought to my attention the Scottish band Abel Ganz.  Wow!   Their 2014 self-titled disc is stunningly beautiful and landed on my own Top Ten list for the year past.  But their 2008 album Shooting Albatross is even better…maybe even a ‘desert-island’ disc.   CD Baby had it only on Mp3 download (I’m still a physcial media kind of guy)  and amazon had it for $35.00 plus s&h.    My other valued source Syn-Phonic (Greg out of Utah is a great guy by the way) was out-of-stock.

And then… (here comes the “shout out”) I remembered back in my mid two-thousand-ought purchasing days perusing a music seller by the name of The LasersEdge.   Pay-dirt.   They had it and it was for an insanely reasonable price of $16.00.  They took a credit card without making me go paypal.  And they got the disc in my hands even faster than CD Baby usually does (and that’s fast).

I heartily recommend any and all prog-heads checking out this great merchant The LasersEdge.  An “EVERLAND of PROG” mega-kudos!  https://www.lasercd.com/

Also, a “‘tip o’ the prog-cap” to Bandcamp which allowed me to first hear Abel Ganz albums in their entirety. You owe yourself a listen to check out how superlative Abel Ganz and Shooting Albatross are.  http://abelganz.bandcamp.com/

Mellotron On!


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